Jinsha five students conduct management regulations.

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In order to support the zhengqi, the serious school discipline, the fight against the evil spirit, efforts to create a good school wind, the system. The system is mainly based on the code of middle school students and the daily code of conduct for middle school students. According to the students' conduct, the score is divided into 100 points and the punishment award is implemented. Conduct score 11-15 points given disciplinary warning, penalty of 16-20 points give serious warning sanction, is 21-25 points given demerit sanctions, was 26 to 30 points given give sanctions, was detained 31-35 points given probation sanctions. He was given a penalty of 36 to 40 points, and was given a penalty of 41 points or more. In the first semester, there are no penalty points for students who are entitled "civilized students", "three good students", "outstanding student cadres" and "excellent league members". At the end of the semester, the school will award the first prize in each class.

1. Dress untidy, wear fancy clothes or wear shorts, vest and slippers to the campus; Perm hair, hair dye, leave strange hairdo, wear jewelry, tattoo, the boy wear long hair, each time deduct 3 points.

2. No student card is worn on campus, one point is deducted per person.

3. Swear words, nickname others and deduct 2 points per person.

4. On campus, we will play and play, make noise, and do things that affect others' study or rest. We will deduct 2 to 30 points per person.

5. Respect the teachers, care for the sick and disabled, unite the students, respect the foreign guests, treat people with courtesy, and each of them deduct 3 points.

6. Cross the dormitory or go to an abnormal party, and each person will deduct 5 to 15 points.

7. Do not do "two exercises" carefully. The meeting is not fast, quiet and neat, with two points per person.

8. The hoisting of the flag is serious, dignified and dignified.

9. Care for cleanliness. Scribble, scribble, tear, litter, spit, each person deduct 2 points.

10. Carrying knives, inflammable, explosive and toxic substances into the campus, depending on the circumstances of each person.

11. Smoking, drinking, beating, swearing, poisoning, gang fighting, clique and obscenity.

12. Gambling, playing billiards, entering a business Internet bar, going to an unhealthy place of entertainment, reading books or movies that are unhealthy for the health of the mind and body, each person will deduct 11 to 31 points.

13. Theft of other people's property, 11 to 31 points per person.

14. Climb the flowers, and each person will deduct 2 to 5 points. Damage public property or public facilities, order compensation or repair, each person to deduct 5-16 points.

Arrive late, leave early, and deduct 1 point each time. Cut the class by three points. (do not participate in the "two exercises", the meeting, the activity all to be absent from school).

16. The personal leave must be certified by the parent, and the teacher or instructor should sign the approval to be effective, and deduct one point at a time, otherwise he will be absent from class.

17. Sick leave must be signed by the instructor or teacher, and must be certified by a doctor and deducted 1 point at a time, otherwise truancy will be treated.

18. Every time the cleaning is not on duty, two points are deducted; The indoor refuse is not processed or the duty is not serious, and the daily value of the day is 1 point per person.

19. Not saving water and electricity, 2 to 15 points each time.

20. Do not finish the homework on time, and do not participate in the exam or cheat in the exam without any reason.

21. Failure to comply with classroom discipline or not to obey teachers, class management and accordingly, each person will deduct 1 to 50 points per person.

22. Don't listen to the management of the school (or teaching staff), and contradict the teaching staff, make trouble without reason, and deduct 10 to 50 points per person.

23. Threats, retaliation, protection or robbery shall be sent to the police station for processing, and each person shall deduct 35 to 50 points.

24. According to the management system of residential management, the students in and out of the school shall deduct the corresponding operating points according to the regulations on accommodation.

25. In violation of the school's safety management regulations, each person shall deduct 2 to 36 points per person.

26. The relationship between men and women is ambiguous, with each person deducting 11 to 36 points.

27. To collect and carry forward the spirit of lei feng, and influence good people, add 3-15 points per person.

28. In violation of the rules and regulations of the class, the person who dares to stop or seek truth from facts adds 1 to 10 points.

29, take an active part in all kinds of useful activities, according to awards plus participants conduct corresponding points (the first 6 points, five points, second third four points, 3 points, the fourth fifth 2 points, sixth 1 minute).

30. The weekly evaluation of cleaning and hygiene, the monthly assessment of the exercise and the monthly review of blackboard, and the first six classes, the participants added 2 points.

31. One semester is not deducted, add 10 points.

Additional: the final exam will be the first three, plus 2-6 points; Total score of the top 30 plus 5-10 points (1-5 plus 10, 6-10 + 9... 26-30 plus 5 points).

This regulation shall be implemented from the date of promulgation.

Jinsha county no.5 middle school.

Press release issued on 26 August 2008.

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